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11-year old Blythe Serrano made a 3D Printed Light-Up at Night Pet Collar, which she was sharing at World Maker Faire New York 2014. It has nine LED lights, a battery, and a light sensor. When it’s dark, the lights illuminate so that you can see your pet easily. She... Read more »


The Bionic Boot is made of speargun springs, carbon fiber, and metal. Read more »


Make: talks with Dean Hopkins, Technical Director about iLuminate, which combines technology and dance for live productions. Read more »


The Morbid Anatomy Museum brought some fascinating specimens to display at World Maker Faire a year, including this incredibly delicate bat skeleton. Read more »

The Unisphere

Find specific items related to either the 1964 World’s Fair or the 2014 Maker Faire, or both. Read more »


Pearlie Mae is here at World Maker Faire New York to get your mermaiding feet wet with her custom mermaid tail display. Read more »


The guys at Cemetech brought a handsome TI-82 with a homemade wooden case to World Maker Faire this year. Read more »


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