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Starting with the basic sock-style, this kit empowers kids to create handsome puppets and teaches different construction methods. With simple instructions, pre-marked patterns, pre-sewn parts to stuff, and packaging that becomes a stage, this kit is only two hours from coming to life. The hardest part is waiting for the glue... Read more »

Although 5×7 pixels aren’t a lot to work with, it’s easy to get lost in Olaf Val’s Mignon Game Kit. This minimalist handheld gaming system is hands-on in more ways than one. The first step is to put it together; second is to hack code for the Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller... Read more »

Build your own life-size grasshopper and explore solar power with this educational mini solar robot kit. The snap-together, attention-getting  Solar Frightened Grasshopper teaches how solar energy can be used to generate electricity. This easy-to-use science kit is perfect for first-time experimenters with little or no experience. Ages 10 and up. Read more »

The award-winning Snap Circuits Pro 500 Experiments kit contains more than 75 parts and detailed project books that allow you to build over 500 snap-together circuits — no tools required. You can assemble a musical doorbell, laser gun, race game, lie detector, electronic kazoo, mind reading game, telegraph, AM/FM radio,... Read more »

This latest version of Lego’s popular Mindstorms robotics kit includes a new 3-in-1 color and light sensor with LEDs; a new ball shooter; and tank treads. On the software side, an image editor now lets you convert your own images to fit the LCD display, and a sound editor records... Read more »

My living room looks like Darwin’s laboratory. A three-legged creature writhes on the floor. My daughter pulls off a leg and connects it to its face. My son teaches it to walk. It’s really moving now! This is how you play and learn with Topobo. Topobo is part construction toy,... Read more »


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