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The MintyTime Clock Kit is a fun way to add a binary clock to almost any container. It’s intended to be housed in a mint tin, such as the classic Altoids tin, but it looks great in almost any container, from a custom-designed, laser-cut enclosure to an old wooden recipe box. Read more »

The Real Time Clock Kit Parts Bundle includes everything but the casing to build the PIC-based clock designed by Sparkle Labs and featured in MAKE Volume 09. Be sure to read the article for detailed explanations of how the PIC, Real Time Clock, and LED driver all work together to... Read more »

An introduction to sewing with soft circuits, this fantastic kit teaches you how to augment your garments or needlework with LEDs. There’s a free video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions, and the kit includes everything you need to get started; Jawa doll not included! Read more »

The Octolively is one of the most entertaining kits I have built in a while. It’s an interactive, tileable LED module that carries eight huge (10mm) LEDs arranged on its 4″×8″ board. Its sensors detect nearby movement using both infrared and visible light, and the LEDs, which come in a... Read more »

This easy-to-assemble, no-solder kit lets you create your own unique LED light show. The only tool needed is a pair of pliers for crimping the wire connectors. The RGB (red-green-blue) LEDs create a slow, ever-changing, multicolored glow that’s perfect for setting the mood of any room. Makes a great nightlight,... Read more »

Peggy 2LE provides a quick, easy, powerful, and efficient way to drive a lot of big, bright LEDs — up to 625 — in a matrix. With it, you can make an LED sign for your window, a geeky valentine for your sweetie, one badass birthday card, the next generation... Read more »

Have you tried taking video using your digital camera but never seem to have enough light? Does your camera have trouble focusing in the dark? LEDs are cheap, and so are resistors, so why not make your own LED Video Light? With this second-generation kit from ProdMod, you’ll transform a... Read more »


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