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The Maker Shed Arduino Giveaway

Maker Shed has given us one of their Projects Pack for Arduino V2.0 to give away here on MAKE. The kit includes an Arduino Uno, a MakerShield, breadboards and jumper wire kit, protoboard, a USB cable, motors, and oodles of sensors and basic electronic components, all housed in a component storage box. (See the listing in the Shed for a full contents list.) The kit retails for $100. This is a perfect way to get fully into the Arduino microcontroller hobby.

To be eligible, all you have to do is tell us in the comments below about either the coolest microcontroller project you’ve ever built or one that you dream of building. Maybe you’ll snag this kit and be on your way to making that project happen.

The eligible commenting period will last until Wednesday (4/20) at 11:59pm PDT. The winner will be announced on Thursday morning (don’t forget to check back here to see if you’ve won!).

Update: The winner of the Maker Shed Projects Pack for Arduino is Kelly Cooke. Congrats, Kelly! Please email us with your mailing address and we’ll get your Projects Pack sent out to you.

The Make: Arduino landing page

  • Hollyann Wood

    I’ve never built anything with an Arduino, but I really would like to. I have a little boy and I’m a single mom. I think it would be awesome for us to build something together and let his creativity be our guide. :) He loves music and things that light up, soooooo, this might be the perfect gift for us. :)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never worked on an arduino project, but I build guitars and I’ve seen plans on arduino effects pedals. It would be a fun project to build one.

  • Bryan Currey

    How do you choose a single project when this kit gives you SO many possibilities ?!?!?!

  • Paul Tate

    I have not built anything with arduino yet, but I would like to incorporate one into an RFI kit for the front door of my house. That way I can give out RFI keys to the people I want access and be able to control when then can get in.

  • Greg Swan

    After reading this month’s WIRED all about arduino maker projects, I’m super psyched to build my first project. I’m thinking specifically about ways to leverage online behavior (e.g., tweets) to mechanical action (e.g., lights/sounds). Pick me!

  • John Michael Garcia

    I have to be honest and say I’ve never built anything before but I’m very curious to start.

  • Greg Walsh

    I really want to build a Laser Tag sensor/emitter/score keeper.

  • Eric Fialkowski

    I built a little robot before. My next project is to build a gigapan mount for taking really large panoramas

  • Anonymous

    Robots! Welcome, Robot Overlords!!!!

  • Moustafa Elhadary

    me and my friend are working on building a kinect controlled plane with a camera shield and Xbee PRO shield for better communications. we started all the planning but we didn’t get the aurdoino yet.

  • Moustafa Elhadary

    me and my friend are working on building a kinect controlled plane with a camera shield and Xbee PRO shield for better communications. we started all the planning but we didn’t get the aurdoino yet.

  • Easton Janecek


    • Anonymous

      ‘reverse geocache’ as in…
      what, you hide and a little geocache comes and finds you?

      • Ethan Dicks

        A reverse geocache is a locked box with an Arduino and a GPS that opens when you bring it to the correct location (i.e., you wander around with it and triangulate the opening spot based on what it is telling you on its LCD window).

  • Steve

    I haven’t done anything with a microcontroller, but I think I would like to build something for the Cub Scout troop. They already have a device to measure the pine wood car derby, but they don’t have anything for the rocket derby. Currently they have dad’s stand around with stop watches to time from start to finish, if they don’t finish, they measure how far they went (they are rubber band powered and hang from a string). I think I can change the line to a wire and the hanger to a carbon pad and measure the distance by sending a signal down the wire and measure the time it takes to get a reflection back. Timing should be easy in that I just have to have a switch at the other end to stop the timer or I can still use my reflector and that way they can have the stopping point varied. I think the hard part would be figuring the freq to use for the pulse what to expect back. It will take some testing, but I have some scouts that would love it.

  • Anonymous

    BEST THING BUILT: Automatic fading night light. An IR motion sensor and three white LEDs hooked up on an Arduino NG. I built it when my son was born so we could see to do baby maintenance at night without turning the room light on. It fades up fairly quickly when it sees movement and fades down over about 3 minutes when there’s no movement – leaving everyone to sleep in a nice dark room. That was almost 4 years ago and it’s still going strong! Wouldn’t be without it.

    DREAM BUILD: Arduino video motion-control rig. I’ve actually been working on it (on and off) for a few years but I really want to push it forward to being a solid piece of useable kit.

  • Jason Trotter

    Last little robotic thingy I made was in school, a little robot that would follow a white line, record it’s speed and distance traveled. I think I want to somehow use this to record how long it’ll take my hedgehog, Prickles, to get to the moon on his little wheel.

  • Delfim Machado

    i’ll build a car alarm and a keyless car key with yubikey using 2G network and GPS to remote access the car

  • Tom Warin

    I want to build something to entertain my kitties.

  • Jeff Murry

    The cooles microcontroller project I’ve ever built is my Mouse trap Alert. I have had an ongoing issue with mice in my crawlspace. Trapping them got a little easier when I found a battery powered electricution type trap, but it was still a pain to constantly check into the crawlspace all year long. I developer a combination of wireless radios with microcontrollers and LCD displays to send a signal from the trap when it traps a mouse (or runs out of battery) to a receiver that sits on my desktop. Then I only check the trap when there is an actual catch or low battery.

  • T’Saavik

    Coolest micro-controller project so far? Hmm, Either my remote controlled power-wheel a WIP or one of my many small robots.

  • Chad Lovelace

    I have been wanting to build some type hamradio morse decoder or digital mode converter for psk rtty or other digi modes — been wanting to work this up for some time!!!

  • Norman DeValliere

    I want to use microcontrollers and a variety of sensors to monitor the houseplants in my home and my office.

  • douglas weiss

    Monitor and automate my aquaponic setup.

  • Peter Young

    The coolest microcontroller project I want to build is an RF remote control for Lego trains that has a hand held controller run from an Arduino, LCD, buttons and an XBee which communicates with a Xbee and arduino in the trains to control them but also communicates with track side accessories like signals and switching points so that they work together to simulate a real train operation. So far I have some basic plans and circuit diagrams for it all but an lacking anything to prototype it with.

  • John Thomas

    I haven’t built anything yet, I am just getting into Arduino. I want to build a Moog style synthesizer. That would be the dream, actually, I want to build an army of different synths that can play together. I also want to start teaching my children about electronics so they can build cool things.

  • Anonymous

    I always leave the garage door open so I recently built a garage door sensor with an arduino and ethernet shield. It uses a reed switch to determine if the garage door is open and it sends my wife and I a text message if it is open after 8PM. I also hooked it into the garage door opener so I can reply via text message to actually close the garage door. I can also query the current status (open or closed) via text message. It’s been working great and saved my butt a few times.

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