Tool Review: Rio Grande Electroplating Chems

Rio Grande Electroplating Chemicals

This weekend, my buddy Jon came over, and we used my garage chem-lab to silver-plate some brass hinge leaves for some fancy jewelry boxes he's making. I had never electroplated anything before, and have been curious about the process since my undergraduate days. My impression, based on my survey courses,... Read more »

The Chemistry of Snowflakes


The American Chemical Society has a great two-minute video explaining the basic chemistry behind snowflake formation, including how each degree of temperature difference adds to the branches of the flake. Are no two snowflakes really alike? It depends on if we’re talking about big snowflakes or little ones. On a... Read more »



Need some slime for your next horror film or Halloween haunted house? Want to gross out your maiden aunt? Impress your science teacher? It’s easy to make your own slime! Read more »