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Type chess set

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  • 11/03/2009 @ 1:06 pm
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Linda and John Meyers built this beautiful chess set using typography, a scroll saw and boxes (in the form of a old type-holding tray). Read more »

Auto parts chess set

Via Ecofriend: Old and broken down auto parts are nothing more than trash for some, but for people like Armando Ramírez they are no less than treasure. The artist transforms these objects into sleek, black and silver chess sets. The horses, pawns and everything that you see on a chess... Read more »

Straight up chess

These vertical wall-hangable chess boards seem like a good idea. Imagine playing a game with someone over time via casual walk-by moves – There are no time clocks when you play on a Straight Up Chess Board. This is a casual game. As you pass by the Straight Up Chess... Read more »