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Projects and Sensors and Pi Oh-My!


Projects are pouring in for the first ever Raspberry Pi Design Contest, with over $3,500 in prizes up for grabs. Check out some of the projects makers have been building, and enter your project for a chance to win! Read more »

Vote for Craft!

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Craft has been nominated for's Readers' Choice award for Best Craft Magazine. If you love the fun, bright, colorful, and quirky crafts we share with you, please vote for us! Read more »

Power Racing Series Coming to Maker Faire New York


Why would grown men and women want to race around a track on hacked and modified Power Wheels toys? Simply because it might just be the most fun you’ve ever had, and the hardest you’ve ever laughed. Welcome to the world-renowned (at least in our world) Power Racing Series! What... Read more »

RadioShack Hackerspace Challenge


Nice to see RadioShack continuing its re-embrace of the DIY scene! They’re sponsoring a hackerspace challenge between Ace Monster Toys and Artisan’s Asylum. In the spirit of friendly competition, RadioShack challenged two DIY enthusiast groups known as hackerspaces—one on each coast—to build something cool out of everyday stuff. The rules... Read more »