Android Controlled Garage Door Opener


Relays can do cool stuff when you hook them up to the Internet. Check out XDA member JsChiSurf demonstrate his Android controlled garage door opener. Using an old Linux box connected to a serial relay, he's able to toggle his garage door opener using a custom app from his Android... Read more »

Calling All Philadelphia-Area Makers!

Eric S. Raymond, hacker icon, open source scholar, and lead developer of GPSD (an open source program used to communicate with GPS devices) is in need of a weatherproof enclosure capable of holding at least eight GPSs at a time, such that they can be readily used for software testing.... Read more »

Autonomous Ocean-Crossing Robots Launched

Here's a clip of Liquid Robotics founder and CTO Roger Hine talking, at the most recent Bay Area Maker Faire, about the innovative design of his company's Wave Glider robot boat, which converts the up-and-down motion of waves at the surface into energy for propulsion. More technical details are available... Read more »

Rebuilt Lego Street View Car Packs an iPhone

Mark Crosbie’s Lego Street View Car that we blogged in June is back, completely rebuilt: I wanted to re-build the car to only use the Lego Mindstorms NXT motors. I was also keen to make it look more….car-like. The result, after 4 months of experimentation, is version 2.0 of the... Read more »

Homemade GPS Receiver

Andrew Holme built this incredible four-channel GPS receiver using a repurposed FPGA board from a previous frequency synthesizer project. Connected to a PC running a console app, Andrew's receiver is capable of tracking four satellites simultaneously, which is good enough to capture lat, long, and altitude. Read more »