Visualize Your Heartbeat With This Homemade Pulse Sensor


Infrared Pulse Sensor is the latest addition to our beginner-friendly series of Weekend Projects. Inspired by a photoresistor pulse sensor, MAKE's Technical Editor Sean Michael Ragan built this IR-based pulse sensor using emitter and detector diodes, combined with an LM384 op-amp IC and an Arduino. Read more »

Infrared Pulse Sensor


Taking your pulse is as simple as holding a finger to your neck or wrist and timing the beats with your watch. But if you want to record the data or use it to trigger events, you need to turn that mechanical pulsing action into an electrical signal. This pulse... Read more »

The Raspberry Rover

Raspberry Rover

The Raspberry Rover is a small RC car with a Raspberry Pi for a brain. It is controlled over a Wi-Fi network through a TCP/IP socket, and streams back live video from an on-board webcam. It even sports 'Night Vision' for navigation in the dark. Read more »