How-To: Screwdriver Cutlery

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Even if you don't fancy the idea of a fork, knife, spoon, sporks, spife, knork or other eating utensil with an acrylic screwdriver handle, I was interested to discover, in this Instructable by user Patenteux du Nord, that these common plastic tool handles can be easily removed and )at least... Read more »

Small Screw Top Capsules From Plastic Bottle Caps, Necks

Instructables user bfgreen makes small, lightweight, waterproof containers like this by sawing off plastic soda bottle necks right below the lip, flattening the cut edges on a file, applying cyanoacrylate glue, and clamping. Since these bottles are usually PET, they could also probably be solvent-welded with acetone and other common... Read more »

FDM Printing With Polycarbonate

Rich was curious about printing with polycarbonate (PC), but couldn't find any definitive answers to his questions online. So he bought a roll of 1.6mm PC filament and started experimenting, and his reports are fairly glowing. PC melts hotter than ABS or PLA, is more rigid, and comes out of... Read more »

Cold-Forming Plastic Looks Like Acrylic, Bends Like Metal

UK educational supply center centre Mindsets online sells variously-sized 3mm thick sample sheets of Eastman’s Spectar copolyester at not-completely-outlandish prices. Spectar supposedly looks and handles much like acrylic, but with the surprising property that it can be cold-formed without breaking or whitening, and exhibits a memory effect, holding a cold... Read more »

Tips for Preserving Plastic Artifacts

Though "plastic" has now largely overcome its "The Graduate"-era connotation of “necessarily cheap, fake, and ephemeral,” it remains the case that plastic objects—especially those manufactured early in the history of plastics technology—present unusual challenges for long-term conservation. Read more »