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How-To: Screwdriver Cutlery

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Even if you don't fancy the idea of a fork, knife, spoon, sporks, spife, knork or other eating utensil with an acrylic screwdriver handle, I was interested to discover, in this Instructable by user Patenteux du Nord, that these common plastic tool handles can be easily removed and )at least... Read more »

FDM Printing With Polycarbonate

Rich was curious about printing with polycarbonate (PC), but couldn't find any definitive answers to his questions online. So he bought a roll of 1.6mm PC filament and started experimenting, and his reports are fairly glowing. PC melts hotter than ABS or PLA, is more rigid, and comes out of... Read more »

Cold-Forming Plastic Looks Like Acrylic, Bends Like Metal

UK educational supply center centre Mindsets online sells variously-sized 3mm thick sample sheets of Eastman’s Spectar copolyester at not-completely-outlandish prices. Spectar supposedly looks and handles much like acrylic, but with the surprising property that it can be cold-formed without breaking or whitening, and exhibits a memory effect, holding a cold... Read more »