Maximizing Your ROA (Return on Adventure)


I think we need a new measurement for tracking the success of our maker ventures, a new yardstick. I propose “Return on Adventure,” something perhaps intangible, but no less important in factoring into your “ROI.” Here’s a report on my ROA: “Excuse me sir, is this your luggage?” Without fail,... Read more »

Oru – The Origami Kayak

120530 - Portable Kayak - David Lang - 05

Last week, I had the pleasure of testing out Oru Kayak, the world’s first origami kayak. It was wonderful! Anton Willis, the designer, and I met at the Berkeley Marina to put his latest iteration to the test. I had been watching Anton construct the kayak for months at TechShop... Read more »

Many (Maker) Hands…


A few weeks ago, Makezine ran a feature on Adam Ellsworth and Bryan Duxbury’s delightful Cube Lamp. The write-up did a wonderful job of exploring how entrepreneurs and makers meet at makerspaces and create businesses. Having myself worked out of TechShop in San Francisco, where a permanent Cube Lamp has... Read more »

Zero to Maker: At Least I’m Not Alone

David Lang and Travis Good, two "Zero to Makers" at TechShop

Turns out, a woodshop class isn't the best place to chat - noisy saws and vents, coupled with a constant vigilance over not losing a thumb. I was glad to see Travis again on Wednesday morning, with a window of relative quiet in the shop, and to hear more about... Read more »

OpenROV to Perform Preliminary Dives


As you may already know, David Lang, our Zero to Maker columnist, is involved in the OpenROV project, an open source camera-equipped R/C submersible, designed to look for water-burired treasure. They're taking the ROV prototypes up to Hall City Cave in Northern, CA tomorrow for some preliminary dives. How exciting! Read more »