New in the Maker Shed: ARMmite PRO

The ARMmite PRO from the Maker Shed is a low-cost single board computer. It’s perfect for small volume applications that require customization. The ARMmite PRO Features 21 TTL compatible digital I/Os shared with 7 10-bit A/D pins. Unleash the power of a 32-bit processor, running at 60 MHz to solve... Read more »

Memory Catcher Pouch With Embroidery From Photograph

Gretchen of Muddlepud created this charming “memory catcher” pouch for her daughter. As though the idea for the project wasn’t sweet enough, she adorned the pouch with embroidery based on a photograph of wildflowers she picked while she and her daughter were taking a walk. It’s such a beautiful translation... Read more »

Trash menagerie

Unfortunately, the artist behind these cool component-sculptures goes unnamed. Anybody know who it is? These cool component-sculptures are the work of Ann P. Smith of Providence, RI. Thanks to Lithium Rain for providing us with her name and homepage. More: Animals made from e-waste are still your best friend Charming... Read more »

Lithium backpack for Arduino MEGA

The Mega Lithium BackPack is an Open Source Hardware battery shield for the Arduino Mega that snaps to the back of the board, and provides around 15-27 hours of battery power to circuits built with the Arduino Mega (depending on the circuit). It gives a 3.3 volt, 5 volt, ground,... Read more »

Datamancer’s new blog

Our pal Datamancer has a new blog up. He’s hoping to keep a regular digital diary of his projects. Given all of the cool stuff he’s always working on, let’s hope he keeps it up. Above are two picks from a hobby furnace he’s building, built around the Lionel’s Lab... Read more »