Lohikäärme Bobo (Dragon)

Dragon (via Leegilausujad)
Dragon (via Leegilausujad)

Continuing with the theme of things that are not nice and want to eat you, we’d like to introduce you to Lohikäärme Bobo, which translates as ‘A Bad Mutha Shut Yo Mouth!

The PC English translation is Dragon and he’s a beast. While he sits only 13.5ft tall, his wingspan is a frightening 36ft wide and this itty bitty widdle dragon does not want to play (unless, of course, you’d like to be lunch).

The creepy sculpture was designed by the Leegilausujad, or Fire Whisperers, who believe there is a fire burning in the chest of each and every person (not literally… we hope). The Fire Whisperers specialize in the creation of fire sculptures and will even bring their terrifying creations to your birthday parties or weddings (maybe to ignite that aforementioned fire in your chest…). Regardless, if you want your graduation party to have some ‘flair’ (literally), call these guys. Maybe they’ll even rebuild your house after one of their sculptures burns it down…  see more.



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