GonKiRin (via Tree Hugger)
GonKiRin (via Tree Hugger)

Our final selection for some of the coolest fire sculpture on earth wouldn’t be complete without a fire-breathing dragon that you can ride. Meet GonKiRin, a giant 60-foot-long dragon car made from scrap metal. Yes, we said dragon car.

GonKiRin has won countless awards, and for good reason – it’s one of the most incredible fire sculptures around. Why? GonKiRin is a giant dragon build on the foundation of a truck. All the material was found on the side of the road, including the boat that makes up the bulk of Gon Kirin’s body.  That said, you can drive the giant dragon around while it breathes fire. You can pick your jaw back up now.


GonKiRin was created by Ryan C. Doyle and Teddy Lo as a way to make art interactive. Doyle believes that art isn’t meant to be placed in a museum, away from the people. Art is supposed to start a conversation and it is made for and by people, so what better than a giant, fire-breathing dragon car? You’ve got us.

GonKiRin may come back to Burning Man in an upcoming year, but until it does feel free to visit Doyle and his team in Detroit if you want to ride the magic dragon for real. Kickstarter fuels his dream.


While the idea of fire-breathing sculptures is already a bit off the beaten mental track, adding robotics to the mix adds a whole new element to how technology continues to shape our world. They make us feel small, but through them feel within the fire of a burning world. A grand gesture of an artist. But they’re more than art. More than spectacle. They’re construction would not be possible without milling machines and other building tools. We are in the midst of a revolution folks, and yes, there is fire.

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