Helix (via Dust to Ashes)
Helix (via Dust to Ashes)

If you like things that just look bad ass, you’ll love Helix, a 20-foot-tall sculpture that takes the foundation of a tree and adds six flaming orbs to its twisted branches. Oh, we are so happy.


Helix is the creation of Charles Gadeken, an experienced maker of fire sculptures. For the Helix, Gadeken wanted spectators to feel like they walked into another world when they sat at the base of the Helix.

The wicked steel structure seats 100 people at its base. The trunk of the structure shoots 20ft into the sky, while its tangled branches create a 30-foot-wide fiery canopy. Each of the six orbs hangs at three-to-five feet in diameter and can rotate at one to 150 RPM. That’s one fast tree. While we aren’t sure we’d sit underneath it’s branches, it’s definitely worth the hype. Do you feel lucky? Kickstarter fueling the art these days… see more about Helix there.


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