The Man, Burning Man

The Man, Burning Man 2013 (via The Atlantic)
The Man, Burning Man 2013 (via The Atlantic)

The Burning Man event is the place for all makers and pyros to join together under one dessert sky. Burning Man may be a bit too complex to explain here, but one important part is that every year there is a man, a man that burns. Thankfully, he is a sculpted man and The Man sculpture of 2013 deserves some love.


For all your sci-fi buffs, The Man sculpture of 2013 was standing atop a UFO. He owned that UFO, perhaps hinting towards the conquering of the mysteries of science. And in one large firework display, The Man burned to the ground. While we wouldn’t want to be there when it happened, the pictures are pretty wicked. (see more at huffpost)

burning man 2014

Bonus… Burning Man 2014 featured fireworks on the old boy. See more at Burning Man’s site.

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