As we’ve written about previously, celebrated YouTube maker, April Wilkerson, recently built her dream shop on her new property in Texas. Now that the shop is mostly finished, she’s started in on setting up and organizing all of her machines, tools, materials, and supplies.

So that she can get started back in on projects (and check off all of the many “punch out” tasks that remain when you construct a building), she needed a nice big workbench. And because she hasn’t set up all of her wall-based bins, shelves, and tool organizers, she needed a bench that could temporarily house a lot of the tools and supplies she needs for projects.


It only took her 6 hours to build the basic 4 x 8 bench. But with that done, she set about building some drawers, shelving, screw box holders, pegs for hanging things like clamps and tape, and a French cleat system for holding some hardware bins she’d made in her previous shop.

The result is a very sturdy and useful bench that should serve her well as she finishes tricking out her shop and carrying on with her busy schedule of YouTube project videos.

If you want to make the exact same bench, April has posted a set of plans (US$10) on her website.