April Fools!


Nearly every year in late March, over our internal office email, we usually start yucking it up over all of the fun April Fools pranks we could pull — on each other, on fellow makers, and on you, our dear readers. This year was no exception. Dale Dougherty started it off with an inspired brain dump of goofy front page MAKE headlines. Others of us added to the list. We decided to share some of them with you:

  • Turns Out, Aliens Make Better Astronauts
  • Evidence Found that Bigfoot is an Accomplished Crafter
  • Zombie Makeover: How Anyone Can Look Human for A Day!
  • Hologram of Elvis Said to Be Too Real for Graceland Show
  • Terrorist Building 3D-Printed Gun Blows Himself Up
  • Man With Most Toys Dies at 100
  • Ouija Board Enthusiasts Reach Out to Steve Jobs for Help with App
  • Small Pacific Island Still Looking for Wealthy Evil Mastermind
  • New Pope Building Private Workshop For His Beloved CNC
  • Drones Seeking Greater Autonomy in Decisions
  • Neighbors Wonder If 3D-Printed House Will Ever Be Finished
  • New Raspberry PI Diet: 3.14 Bites a Day
  • Google Admits Glass Project Was Gag That “Got Out of Control”
  • Infamous Hacker Kevin Mitnick Laments Cooptation of Word ‘Hacker’ by Mild Mannered Tinkerers
  • Wired Hires Experimental AI as New Editor-in-Chief

(And the ones featured on our front page)

Now we’d like to turn things over to you. Render any of the above headlines with art or make up and submit your own MAKE feature article headline and image. Or do a whole cover of the print magazine! We’ll be doing a drawing from among the entries and giving away three one-year subscriptions to MAKE magazine (a $35 value). If you already have a sub and win, we’ll extend your subscription by a year. Deadline for entries is 11:59pm (PDT), Wednesday, April 3. Send your artwork to editor@makezine.com.

[Above Tang 2.0 art by Blake Maloof, based on an idea by Dale Dougherty]


A submission from MAKE reader Casey Lee:


1 thought on “April Fools!

  1. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Don’t forget — we want to see some of your ideas for fake MAKE (Fake:?) headlines and images. We’d love to see some of the above headlines given an art treatment. All submission will be eligible for the drawing of three one-year subscription to MAKE! You have until 11:59pm Wed night to send your art.

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