DiResta: X-Carve Stool Design

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DiResta: X-Carve Stool Design

Last week Zack from Inventables came to my shop and upgraded my X-Carve unit: he put on the bigger spindle (Dewalt router) and upgraded the computing power to the X-Controller.

With my upgraded machine I challenged my self to make a piece of furniture utilizing  the entire cutting area. You can see the stool I designed.

The one cut out in the video is the only one I have cut to date , it needs some adjusting to get the joints to be snug, but for this one I used some old fashion shop techniques to complete the stool.

Sequence 01.00_02_17_04.Still011

The hoop at the bottom was made up of the arcs, I had the room for couple of extras so I put them in the cut. The wood is Baltic Birch Ply. You can try the designs and modify it here at Inventables!

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