Weekend Watch: Let’s Make Something Awesome Together

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Weekend Watch: Let’s Make Something Awesome Together

Let’s Make Something Awesome Together (aka LMSAT) is both the name of Nicholas Zastrow’s YouTube channel and a call to action I can firmly get behind. Zastrow started the channel just this year, but already he’s made a number of high quality project builds and a couple of concise tutorials.

I like that the projects he shares often utilize different skills. Woodworking and 3D printing go into his tongue-in-cheek “Employee of the Month” award tutorial. I also like that he makes projects I haven’t seen before like his t-shirt dispenser. Plus, I really dig his choices in background music.

Zastrow is a graphic designer, woodworker, fabricator, printer, with a list of other talents and job experiences that is too long to include in its entirety. He had this to say about starting his channel:

I’ve always had a DIY mentality and constantly learning new things and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I’ve been teaching a lot of clients (and the occasional workshop) on how to manage and develop for wordpress, which is my platform of choice when it comes to web development.

The youtube channel was started in part to help promote myself by getting my name and work out there (and to hopefully generate a little extra income while filling in downtime between clients). But it was primarily to focus on two major areas that I’d like to upgrade, which is my public speaking and video editing/filming skills.

You can read more about his decision to start a Youtube channel on his blog.

Graphic design isn’t a topic we explicitly cover on Make: (though you could argue that graphic design ends up playing a role in most of the things we create), but I think this video tutorial on how to use Blender for a grunge lettering effect was pretty creative.


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