Weekend Watch: Exploring Science with Samatha Kranthijanya

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Weekend Watch: Exploring Science with Samatha Kranthijanya

Sometimes the concepts we hear about in science can sound daunting. At least, they can to me. However, having the right person explain them can really open up your mind and allow you to fully understand what is going on. For some people, the right person is a teacher, for others it might just be Samatha Kranthijanya.

Samatha has tackled several concepts on her YouTube channel such as dark matter, gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, and neutrinos. It is so satisfying to see her getting more and more comfortable with the content and with explaining it as the years go by. In 2015, she was just learning how to describe these things and now she’s really expressing her joy in science.

It isn’t all just explanations of scientific concepts. Some of the videos are accompanies by a project or display of the principles in action. For example, here she shows how to make a penny battery.

Her latest video has something that is always fun to watch; a bit of superconductive levitation!

Jump over to her YouTube channel, subscribe, and watch as Samatha grows and teaches.


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