Down the Lazy Riveropolis

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Down the Lazy Riveropolis

Riveropolis is a little like a very intricate game of Pooh Sticks. It’s been a standby at Maker Faire for years now, and creator Gregory Gavin runs workshops and brings it to summer camps and even sells completed rivers. A river of molded fiberglass flows, alternately lazy and cascading, carries float boats built by kids out of corks, wood, and rubber bands.

It gives kids a chance to think about the process of design, says Gavin, without putting parameters on their success. It’s really kind of a free for all; kids circle the build tables and the river, testing and rebuilding their boats with little direction besides their own creativity.


Nathan Hurst is an editor at Make. He loves anything having to do with science or bicycling. He tweets as @nathanbhurst.

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