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I went to my friend’s baby shower this past weekend. She is due in mid-June and having a girl. Exciting! She’s a really smart person, with a very dry sense of humor, so I wanted to get her a baby shower gift that would (hopefully) impress her.
I first saw these laser engraved wood baby blocks by Xylocopa Design in our Makers Market a couple weeks ago, and I decided they would be perfect for my friend’s shower. And they are gorgeous in person! Instead of the usual E – elephant, C – cat, they have a science theme, with the blocks declaring that T is for tentacles, R, robot, and D, dirigible. My friend really liked them, and I think the father-to-be was grateful that it wasn’t another frilly pink onesie with “Princess” emblazoned across the front.

6 thoughts on “Rad Science-Themed Alphabet Blocks

  1. cherylp says:

    So glad I followed this link to see the blocks. I had seen some other scientist block sets on another website recently, but they only came with 5-6 blocks(boo)! This set in the Makers Market comes with the entire alphabet set – thank you – I must now go purchase these my child.

  2. Laura Cochrane says:

    Hey cherylp, thanks for the comment! Actually though… this set of blocks is a set of just 5 blocks. With six faces on each block, that makes 35 illustrations – so the set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet. But if you want a larger set to spell out longer words, you’ll have to buy more than one.

  3. Katie Wilson says:

    This is soooo sweeeet I can hardly contain myself! Now if only my preggers friends would think so too…

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