Maker Campus This Fall: Animatronic Assistants, Working with EVA Foam, and Laser Cutting

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Maker Campus This Fall: Animatronic Assistants, Working with EVA Foam, and Laser Cutting

Maker Campus is getting heading back to school this fall! This autumn, you’ll have the chance to learn how to create your own animatronics, create your own foam cosplay armor and props, take your prototyping to the next level with cardboard, and even power sensors using EKG signals.

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Build Your Sidekick w/Raspberry Pi – Sept 18th


Did you ever want a talking chicken sidekick that only responds in chicken-speak? How about a monster that can let you know the weather in grunts and growls? In this workshop, you will create a basic animatronic with a full-featured voice assistant.  The character will be able to respond to a simple voice command and include an animation (a mouth that moves, eyes blinking, etc).


Laser Cut and Engrave Everything – Sept 30th


Learn how to take your creative or professional work to the next level with laser-cutting. In this course, we’ll learn how to cut and engrave dozens of materials, create laser-ready design files using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and discuss ways that a laser cutter can help you to make your ideas into something that you can hold in your hand (or sell online).

At the end of this workshop, you’ll receive a finished laser-cut piece that you’ll design during the session.


Intro to Cosplay Foam Armor and Props – Oct 6th / Intro to Fabric & Foam Painting for Cosplay – Oct 20th


Foam Armor can sound intimidating at first, but it’s actually really easy to get started with. Start prepping for Halloween through this workshop with Cori Leyden-Sussler where you’ll learn how to work with EVA foam and some of the different techniques you can use to create cool durable pieces with this fantastic material.

Two weeks later, Cori will cover how to choose the right paint and tools for your fabric/foam cosplay and prop projects. She will demonstrate different ways to add detail and discuss how to properly seal your paint so it can last through a convention and beyond.

Intro to Cosplay Foam Armor and Props Tickets

Intro to Fabric/Foam Painting for Cosplay Tickets:

Concepting in Cardboard: Unlock your Prototyping Powers! – Oct 16th


It’s been said that cardboard is the “gateway drug to making”. In this workshop, Jen Schachter will cover the thought process behind low-tech prototyping, the basics of working with a variety of materials: where to find them, how to cut and shape them, as well as different types of joints and attaching methods, and how best to use them in your models. You’ll also learn techniques for taking your prototypes to the next level – methods for measuring and patterning off your mockups to make your final designs.


Teach Robotics with BOTS! – Oct 2nd


You don’t need to know coding or electronics to teach kids how robots really work! In this 90-minute workshop for educators and parents, Kathy Ceceri will show you how to teach your own five-session Build BOTS! enrichment course for elementary and middle school-age students.


A Crash Course in Using EMG – Oct 9th


This session will provide a very brief overview of setting up an Arduino board and circuits to capture EMG signals, as well as providing a way to write to external devices through the OpenBCI GUI.


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