Weekend Watch: Everything from Rock Climbing to Camera Rigs with MAX Maker

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Weekend Watch: Everything from Rock Climbing to Camera Rigs with MAX Maker

If you’re tired of watching normal YouTube videos, why not take it to the Max with MAX Maker? Max’s projects are an eclectic mix of well-made builds, ranging from a motorized camera slider, to a steak knife handle, to a large ruler case.

If you do watch his videos, you’ll surely be entertained and pick up a few new shop tips and tricks. Some of these may be obvious to experienced craftsmen/engineers/makers. Others, like using masking tape to transfer holes in a slider, may be a bit more arcane.

Motorize Any Camera Slider

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Perhaps this doesn’t sound too hard, but correctly putting this together will prove a challenge. His slider uses a stepper motor, along with an Arduino Micro, to allow the camera to traverse its length at an interval between 10 seconds and 8 hours. This speed is selected via four switches, which are labelled using recessed lettering and nail polish. Sample footage shown around 5:00 is really excellent!

Make a Climbing Wall Volume

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If you don’t know what a climbing wall volume is, you’re certainly not alone. However, it is pretty much what it sounds like, a volume of material that can be attached to a climbing wall. As shown at the end of the video, holds can also be attached to it. According to Max, this is his favorite video, as he finds the plywood, geometry, and color to be quite aesthetically pleasing. He also notes that the sounds worked out well.

It probably doesn’t hurt that this is Max’s sport of choice. He tries to climb three times a week, which is both a good workout and a fun social activity. He’s also able to climb real rocks during the summer, which has to be a lot of fun. You can even watch one of his outdoor climbs.

Mitered Ruler Case

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A case for a ruler might not seem like the most exciting project in the world but Max has a really excellent-looking measuring tool that needed some protection while in his shop. Though a rather simple build, he does the task extremely well. As usual, there are a few techniques, such as his taping method for wood glue, that could prove very useful.

Max learned many of his making skills at Faculté polytechnique de Mons in Belgium (which he describes as amazing), where he studied product design engineering. He has no formal training on video production, but credits YouTube with this part of his education. Be sure to check out and subscribe to his channel; it will be fun to see what he comes up with next!

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