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Female Merit Badges


Artist Mary Yeager creates female merit badges. She says My female merit badges illustrate female “rites of passage” as well...

Paper Heart and Ribcage


Swiss Miss spotted this paper heart and ribcage that would be a sweet gift for someone for Valentine’s Day.

Sharrow Sweater


Lisa from The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting got hit by a pickup truck while riding her bike so...

Knitted Heart Pattern


The Knitty surprises are up and include a pattern for this knitted heart. The pattern was created by Kristin Ledgett,...

Barbie Goes to Paris


Margaux Lange, the creator of gorgeous jewelry made from Barbie body parts, was tasked with accessorizing Barbie for Paris Fashion...

Giant Squid Cake


Beth Johnson from Cloth and Fodder spotted Flickr user gabesnider’s awesome giant squid cake in her research for a friend’s...

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