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DillonDesigns Shrinky Dink Rings


I’m always amazed by how different shrinky dinks can look. Black White Bliss posted these beautiful shrinky dink rings by...

Kool Aid Dyed Yarn


Vonnie from the Adventures of a Lady in Training blog posted pictures of some Kool Aid yarn dying she did....

Vintage Scarf Bedspread


This bedspread from Ouno Design is a great idea for a home DIY project. The bedspread is made from geometric...

Marimekko Chair Upholstery


Amy from day-lab diy took a $3 garage sale chair and reupholstered it with Marimekko Tuuli fabric. I wish I...

Make a Thing a Day in February


Artist Mouna Andraos is organizing the second annual Thing-a-day. Sign up on to participate and then spend half an...

Mimi Kirchner Tattooed Doll


Design Sponge posted a round up of interesting fabric toys that included this tattooed doll by Mimi Kirchner. I can’t...

DIY Shopping Bags


Are you thinking about buying a reusable shopping bag to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use? Kristina Millar...

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