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Fun with Casting Resin


Craftlog blogger Maitreya received some resin as a Christmas present and posted some experiments online. I have never played with...

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain


Craftster mpower4 created an awesome Yellow Submarine shower curtain and posted pictures with instructions. If my shower didn’t have glass...

(Manly) Cable Scarf


If you are looking for a really last minute gift idea, check out the Manly Cable Scarf posted by Sarah...

HOW TO – Make a Cool Wave Ring


Hydemetals (aka Mike Nolte, an Industrial Arts teacher) posted a helpful Instructable on how to make this wave ring. The...

Light Emitting Wallpaper


Jonas Samson has developed this light-emitting wallpaper. I can’t find any details about what exactly that is on Samson’s site....

Upholstery Mini Guide


Domino Magazine posted some handy guides for helping determine how to choose fabric and the right amount of fabric for...

Custom Paper Toys


I came across this cool paper toy in the Craft Flickr pool today. The original template is from Matt Hawkins....

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