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Little Stamp Houses


Something about these little stamp houses is really appealing to me. I want to hide them around my house in...

Credit Card Pendant


Jenn from Indie Galore pointed out this cool pendant made from a piece of credit card covered with resin. It...

Bottle Cap Art


Blair and Peter from the Wise Craft blog posted photos of a bottle cap art project they created for a...

Elsa’s New Dress

Elsa’s New Dress


My favorite crafty blogger, Elsa Mora, made this dress to wear to an upcoming fancy event. She got the idea...

Squirrel Tote Bag


Manda from Tree Fall Design blog made this nice squirrel tote bag as a present for a friend. I always...

Salt Crystal Designs


The-home-project design studio creates these beautiful designs made out of salt crystals. The studio is a collaboration of Kathi Stertzig...

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