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Jacket Refashion on Craftster


Crafty Craftster ca_ca_im_a_seagull14 refashioned her oversized coat into a nice fitted double breasted number. Link.

Nursery Mobile


Orange Beautiful made this mobile for a baby’s nursery. The graphic shapes and icons are mostly just fonts like Zapf...

Wasp Bags Round Up


Ali of Machen Machen posted a round up of Wasp bags she found on Flickr. The Wasp Bag pattern has...

Unordinary’s Unique Designs

Unordinary’s Unique Designs


I just came across Unordinary’s designs on Flickr. She seems crazy and cool and talented all in one. I remember...

The Travel Kitty Project


Travel Kitty (TKP) is an interactive project from Lisa M. Dalton. People buy a Travel Kitty and then send notes...

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