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Felted Monarch Butterfly


Rad Megan sent us a link to her amazing felted Monarch butterfly with a very nice explanation about its origins.

Easy Chocolate Leaves


Paula Valentim’s Otchipotchi blog is a delight to read and offers delicious recipes, easy how-tos, and gorgeous ceramics. It’s like...

Make Your Own Beehive


There’s a great do-it-yourself project in the new issue of MAKE (Volume 25) that shows you how to make your...

Sous Vide Cooker How-Tos and Recipes


Delicious, trend-setting Sous Vide cooking entails food that’s vacuum-sealed in plastic pouches and then immersed in a precisely controlled hot...

Ghostbusters Wedding Cake


Photo by Charm City Cakes Star Wars‘ themed wedding cakes are practically a dime a dozen, but how often does...

Our Top Recipes of 2010


It was a great year on the CRAFTZINE blog for foodies as well as those just casually looking for an...

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