Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is an incredibly versatile microcomputer that is perfect for any kind of DIY projects. From programming robots to building home automation systems, there are so many possibilities when it comes to designing creative and innovative raspberry pi projects. With its powerful yet low-cost hardware, plus plenty of open source software available, raspberry pi has become one of the most popular tinkering tools out there. But what kinds of projects can you make with this small but mighty computer? Read on for ideas and tutorials that will shake up your next project idea or two!

Musical Hacks For Raspberry Pi

Peter Kirn writes about the first wave of musical hacks for Raspberry Pi over at Create Digital Music: Apple may have started the conversation about the “post-PC” age. But part of what this means is that a “computer” doesn’t necessarily have to be something costing hundreds of dollars, in a conventional desktop or laptop form […]

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 07, Raspberry Pi, Most Hackable Gadget

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 07, Raspberry Pi, Most Hackable Gadget

Makers, tinkerers, and hackers have latched onto the Raspberry Pi because of its price and capabilities. And with the enormous Linux community available for support, the pains of working with a new platform have been minimal. Since its release, we’ve seen a deluge of incredible projects that use the Raspberry Pi in creative and inventive ways and we’re only just getting started. It’s for this reason that we’ve nominated Raspberry Pi, the $35 Linux computer, for a Makey in the category Most Hackable Gadget.