Arduino Giveaway

Getting Started with Arduino Book Giveaway

In support of our Arduino issue of MAKE, Volume 25, and our new Make: Arduino landing page, we’re running a book giveaway. If you don’t have Getting Started with Arduino in your library, and you’re interested in understanding Arduino and how to get into the world of interactive devices (or if you’re already an Arduino enthusiast but want an evangelical tome), you need this book! Written by Massimo Banzi, a co-founder of Arduino, Getting Started is a real joy to read and to use. I was so tickled when it first came out, especially when I read the intro section which tells the fascinating story of how Arduino came about and also serves as something of a high-tech maker’s manifesto, with brief sections on prototyping, tinkering, the joys of junk, and toy hacking/circuit bending. The rest of the book walks you through understanding the hardware and software of Arduino and how to set up various types of sensors to create “interactive devices” that can sense the world and respond.

We have five copies of Getting Started to give away. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below on the theme of: Everything I always wanted to know about Arduino, but was afraid to ask. What are some of the nagging questions you have about Arduino, from the conceptual to the specific — no question too basic or advanced. And, as with our recent Make: Electronics book giveaway, you can also help (and be eligible for a book) if you provide answers to questions posed here. Let’s crowdsource an FAQ on vexing Arduino questions.

We’ll run the contest through next Thursday, 11:59pm PST. And we’ll announce the five winners next Friday. Good luck!

Update: And the winners are: Gene Kaufman, Rob T Firefly, Liz Valentine, Michael Voss, Crow. Email me to claim your book.

Don’t forget to check out our Make: Arduino page for all sorts of microcontroller goodness.