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Shopping cart races (photos)


Goodness, there are over 1,200 photos from the Carts of Brooklyn racing association’s IDIOTAROD shopping cart race – Link. Pictured...

Secret Message Glove


Cute Circuit’s latest workshop was on small textiles and physical computing and… making a secret message glove! “What is the...

Dual chambered air cannon


Idioticgenius made a dual chambered air cannon, 90 psi and an interchangeable barrel – “I started this project when a...

Totally amazing mutant ears


These look like a lot of fun – “Explore a new world of sound when you don Totally Amazing Mutant...

HOW TO – Make yogurt


If making Tamiflu is a little too intense for you, David, a professor of biology and chemistry at U.C. Clermont...

Make your own Light tent


Bdgn01 writes – “I just made a light tent that’s a little larger than this one (it’s 4’x3′) with a...

Driftwood art


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for horse art made from driftwood by Heather Jansch – [via] Link. Related: Driftwood treatments...

841 - 860 of 871 results

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