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Old scanner = light table


Matt writes – “Well, my wife recently asked me to build her a small light table for her to use...

How Baseball Bats are made


Pat writes in with this week’s “How it’s made” video – “In honor of baseball’s All-Star game to be played...

Glass Bead Artist Beki Gray


TJIC at Technical Video Rental sent this one in and says, “We’re restarting our ‘interviews with hobbyists’ series. This week...

Ornithopter – The Electric Bat


Graham writes – “The project began after considering building a really small machine much like Matt Keennon’s Microbat and deciding...

Behold The Dark Blade


Norwood writes – “Dark Blade custom computer case by Gianluca Tait (Trento Italy). Gizmodo originally noticed it back when it...

Unique Plans for Hobbyists


A Make reader writes "Kleinbauer sells plans for building cnc mills from scratch, using surplus available materials. I was thinking...

HOW TO – Build a PCB router


Jonathan designed a great printed circuit board router, he writes - "Printed circuit boards are usually manufactured by chemical etching...

1461 - 1480 of 1480 results

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