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SSBxFab Fellow program


Jeff writes in looking for “FabLab” fellows in the NY area – As part of the new Fab Fellow program...

The Blink Box Box


Craig Hickman created this simple Arduino powered LED toy as an experiment in CNC machining. The case is made of...

Electrolytic Machining of Brass


There is another interesting post over at The Steampunk Workshop, this time about Electrolytic machining of brass. The results are...

DIY Rotational Molding


Solsylva has an interesting DIY rotational molding, or casting, machine used for hollow casting of resin or any other material...

A Moment of Scrap-Fu Zen


I’m absolutely convinced that if you spend enough time in scrapyards you will eventually see everything. You won’t recognize most...

The Hexipod 3


Brian writes in – I built this a few years ago. I had seen all the nice hexapod kits from...

Homemade 3D printer


Alex writes – How to make a 3D-printer for your home lab with $340 cnc kit and some junk. It...

Acra mill plus


Kaden writes – So I was hangin’ with one of my hardware buds last night… he’s my go-to guy for...

ShopBot @ Maker Faire


ShopBot is setting up @ Maker Faire, here are some of the details… For the first time, ShopBot Tools is...

Toaster burns images


About a million years ago I tried to convince a large hotel chain to adopt an internet connected toaster so...

1441 - 1460 of 1493 results

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