MESH is a new series of thumb-sized blocks, each of which has a single function: Turn on a light; Detect shaking; Detect the ambient light level. MESH blocks communicate over bluetooth with each other, your phone, or IoT devices like the Phillips Smart Lighting system. Rather than programming them normally, you set which blocks should be triggered by which in an app.

MESH blocks are powered over USB, but each one has a rechargeable battery letting it run for about an hour on its own.
MESH blocks should be a great stepping stone for people who want to take control of their Smart Home devices, but aren’t ready to leap all the way into microcontrollers and code.

For microcontroller veterans, there’s a GPIO block that will let you connect devices not yet imagined by the MESH engineers to your gizmo. And for the veteran coders, a Javascript SDK lets you extend what the MESH blocks can do.