Binder Clip Bling is an update on the classic LED Throwie. By using a binder clip, you can turn off your LED bling by removing and separating your LED and battery circuit. Remember, the battery will run out long before the LED stops working!

LED binder clip bling-ring

The binder clip also provides a great way to attach your LED light to your person or your clothes. Use a chenille stem (formerly known as a pipe cleaner) to create a ring, bracelet, or light for your bag. Alternatively, glue the binder clip to a pin or barrette for a light-up wearable that’s easy to take on and off. Just make sure the binder clip’s metal wings are folded back when you glue your connector, or it will be very hard to open.

This project is based on Digital Bling, developed by The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.