The Biggest Little Chip: An Intro to the Versatile 555 Timer

Chain three 555s together to create a gadget that will allow you to impose a time limit in games like checkers or Scrabble.

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Use to drag and drop different parts together. It will compute all the necessary additional items and give you a wiring diagram.

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Soldering Savant Makes Insane 1,400-LED Tower

This LED tower is an amazing work of soldering by Gislain Benoit containing 1,415 LEDs and 2,153 components in total. I admire his ability to count that many components, but it makes sense that the type of person who has the patience to complete this sort of contraption would be that meticulous. According to the description, Benoit replaced […]

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Projects with Ryan Slaugh: Simple Amplifier

[youtube=] Building upon my last video, I’ve decided to make a simple circuit using some op-amps.  One is the general op-amp LM741. The other is a specific op-amp, LM386, that is designed for audio amplification. This circuit can be used to amplify microphones or be used as a circuit sniffer depending on what you connect […]

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