Collin’s Lab: Kit-making

When recently faced with the dauntingly tedious task of assembling my first-ever batch of electronics kits, I was lucky enough to have the ever-helpful eye of seasoned kit-maker Becky Stern close by. While observing my one-man assembly ‘process’, Becky advised a more efficient, modular assembly line technique using intermediary storage vessels. Streamlining the process left […]

The Chumby has landed!

The Chumby has landed!

This afternoon I arrived home to see a box on the doorstep. The return address was from the Maker Shed. That could only mean one thing: The Chumby has landed! We cracked the box and checked out the stuff inside. After going to the hypnotist show at the school and doing strange things on stage, I felt surprisingly motivated to assemble Chumby guts until long past my bedtime.

Here are some build notes. I didn’t take any photos, in large part because of the very helpful images already taken and posted to the Make Flickr Pool