Recipe: Bacon Strip Pancakes

In the interest of livening up your breakfast tomorrow (and making this a rather bacon-y day on CRAFT), I’d like to share this rather gorgeous bacon pancake presentation from Mr. Breakfast. I’ve seen bacon pancakes before, but what a great idea to keep the strips intact! The recipe is an adaptation of one that appeared […]

How-To: Make Your Own Bacon

By Andrew Lewis Bacon has been an important part of our diet for hundreds of years. It is mentioned in the Forme of Curry produced by the master cooks of King Richard II, and the general method for producing bacon has remained largely unchanged since the 14th century. Although I can’t claim that our family […]

Roast Bacon

Being here in NY, the topic of conversation has somehow always centered on food and for some reason, bacon comes up a lot. Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and I were chatting food in a cab the other afternoon and she mentioned to me the technique of roasting bacon from Ina on Food TV. Why […]