Beatfly: an illuminated, Arduino-based blimp

From Make: Japan: Beatfly is a small illuminating blimp for entertainment. Its light and movement can be controlled via various interfaces such as MIDI controller, iPhone multi-touch interface, Flash interface on a web site, computer keyboard, mobile phones and voice, and music. It flies, filling the space with colorful light, producing diverse styles of performance […]

iPad controlled video blimp

New York-based BREAKFAST fitted a BlimpDuino with on-board video and wireless control system and took it out for a spin at a party to interact with the crowd. Everybody’s favorite controller du jour, an iPad, was employed to orient the dirigible and act as a augmented display medium.

Airship controlled by electroactive polymers

Airship controlled by electroactive polymers

Ãœbernerdy Swiss lighter-than-air fish that flies with electronic muscles? What’s not to like? The actuators on the airship work – like biological muscles – in an agonist-antagonist configuration. While the actuators on one side of the airship are activated, the corresponding actuator on the other side contracts. Thus the body and tail fin are excited […]