Bread Bag Tabs Art

Bread bag tabs art. Try saying that 10 times fast! I often feel a little bit of hollow sadness throwing away bread bag tabs. They come in interesting colors, and they would be so easy to save… but for what? Fine Diving arranged them on a piece of paper to resemble a hand, and I […]

Recipe: Schiacciata Italian Bread

Jamie Nisbet spent a year living in Florence, Italy, and one of her favorite foods from the region is schiacciata bread. On her blog, she writes: It is a flat bread, whose name is derived from a verb meaning “crushed.” The bread is typically oiled and salted, but can be made into several different varieties […]

Illustrated Recipes

A couple weeks ago, I started drawing each meal I eat before I eat it. It’s really enjoyable to flip through the days, seeing what fueled me each day. I was telling my friend about this practice, and she asked if I had ever visited the site Recipe Look. I hadn’t … but I’m so […]

Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – it’s next Wednesday! If you’re planning an Irish-themed meal, this recipe for Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon on Everybody Likes Sandwiches looks quite nice. Growing up, ours was a pretty standard (but delicious!) St. Paddy’s Day meal: Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes… I don’t even remember having […]