Make your own radio programming

Make your own radio programming

[Photo from MetroMode] Michael Jackson’s death caused radio’s roboprogrammers to take a back seat for a while. Increasingly, over the past few decades, broadcast radio has ceased to be a local affair. As the FCC regulations on local ownership of media outlets has faded towards corporate behemoths, radio programming more and more these days is […]

MAKE: television Premieres on more Public Television stations this weekend

Here’s a list of all of the markets that are premiering MAKE: television this weekend. For a complete list of stations, visit

Remember you can watch all of our episodes online at Episode 2 will be live on January 10th at 7am CST.

Tampa-St. Pete, WEDU, 1/9/2009 Fri at 3:00 PM

Tulsa, RSU Public Television, 1/9/2009 Fri at 1:00 PM

Los Angeles, KLCS, 1/10/2009, Sat at12:00 PM

San Francisco, KQED, 1/10/2009, Sat at 8:00 AM
and KQED WORLD (Digital 9.3 & Comcast Cable 190) Sat 2pm & 7:30pm

Washington, DC, WETA,
1/10/2009, Sat 5:30 PM

Hand-powered radio broadcaster

Robert writes in to point out the P2P Radio Broadcaster – Remember those little pirate radio stations in the 80’s? Enter the p2p radio broadcaster by Juan Esteban Rios, this little device provides a means to transmit audio content to local radio receivers, and by having the listeners act as peers, the network can be […]