Recipe: Grilled Corn Salad

By Katie Goodman Grilled corn is one of my family’s favorite summer side vegetables. My daughter will gobble it up any night of the week. Sometimes to mix things up I’ll make a salad out of grilled corn rather than eating corn on the cob. This is a simple, versatile summer dish. Grilled Corn Salad […]

Recipe: Garden Herb Risotto

I was inspired to try cooking with the herbs in my new hydroponic rooftop garden, so I whipped up this garden herb risotto to share. This vegetarian recipe is very flexible, so use the herbs you like! You can even include other veggies like fennel and bell pepper. It’s perfect for showcasing your hard work […]

Polish Butter Lamb

I came across Cap’n Ron’s lamb made of butter shavings the other day, and I find it really endearing. According to Wikipedia, it is a Polish Catholic tradition to make a lamb out of butter for Easter. Which got me curious about other interesting traditional Easter foods out there. Of course there are Easter eggs, […]

Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – it’s next Wednesday! If you’re planning an Irish-themed meal, this recipe for Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon on Everybody Likes Sandwiches looks quite nice. Growing up, ours was a pretty standard (but delicious!) St. Paddy’s Day meal: Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes… I don’t even remember having […]