Ira Glass on Improving Your Craft

I really admire Ira Glass of radio’s This American Life. He’s just so intelligent. And it comes across in a very real, down-to-earth way that’s indicative of someone who seriously mulls things over. This is a snippet of a longer talk on creating stories for television or radio, but in this particular segment, he is […]

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Lego video celebrates moments of inspiration

Think of that little bolt of excitement that hits when the solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear. That’s a CLICK moment in action. Consider times when a great idea comes out of the shadows of the brain and needs to be shared. That’s a CLICK moment, too. The hub of the program,, is […]

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Shrines, Just Because

My neighbor Teresa Cuseo is an amazing artist and crafter — every time I talk to her or go over for a visit she’s doing something creative, from terrific mosaics to yummy baked goods to cool jewelry and clever shrines. She recently bought a Day of the Dead crafting book and has plans to make […]

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