Ask CRAFT: Rusty Baking Pan

This week’s question comes from the inside: Craftzine Managing Editor Shawn Connally asks: “I got out my loaf pans to make banana bread this afternoon and one of the pans had rust in it. I scrubbed it well, but the rust is still on there, or at least the color of rust is on there. Can I still use the pan, or is it dangerous and should be used to store loose screws or something like that?” First off, if your pan is nonstick or coated with any sort of flaky chemical coating, toss it. Shawn’s pan, pictured above, isn’t coated, so it’s just metal we’re dealing with, not harmful disintegrating nastiness that’s going to leech into your baked goods. If it’s not coated, you can deal with the rust and save your pan.

Removing Firescale/Patina from Copper

Knowing I’ve been working on sprucing up my backyard, our managing editor Shawn Connally kindly gave me her old copper fire pit. Sweet! She also shared with me some great cleaning knowledge she had gleaned from Michael DeJong’s awesome book Clean: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing. Turns out that to remove rust patina or firescale […]