Soft sensor kits from Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hannah, aka Plusea, is something of a legend in the soft-circuits community. We have covered her open-source work in soft circuits and sensors many, many times before. She has no fewer than 37 tutorials published on Instructables, 28 of them “featured,” almost all of which cover low-cost soft-circuit devices of her own design. Now she […]

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Thingamajigger – Ionization Clock

I stopped in at Thingamajigger Friday night, it was great! John Medina effortlessly held the crowd’s attention while he talked about attention, Dan Savage told us how tech has ruined his life, I talked to Hazard Factory’s Rusty Oliver about optimum sanding belt grit size for the best power tool drag racer traction, Beth Goza […]

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Spring/Summer Courses @ The Hacktory

Upcoming classes @ the Hacktory, Philadelphia, PA – Arduino – On Saturday, April 26, the Hacktory will offer its popular Intro to Arduino for Artists and Makers course, which demonstrates the use of the Arduino, an open-source physical computing platform (, and its applications in interactive art and DIY electronic projects. Students will connect a […]

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