Compost Critters: Fingerless Mitten Pattern

There times we need are fingers, say when we’re turning compost piles, taking pictures, or drawing sketches of squirrels running around the warmed up soil. These fingerless gloves are really fun to work up because they’re simple, cute, and really quick.

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Keeping Yarn Leftovers Organized: How to Wind Butterfly Bobbins

I first learned how to make these great little bobbins in my beginning weaving class at Northern Illinois University. They are great for weaving, especially tapestry weaving, but also when working brocade on the floor loom. And really great for organizing your stash when there are tons of little random balls in there. Unlike balls […]

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Creating with Yarn Scraps: Crochet Cat Toy Pattern

Crochet Cat Toy Pattern By Kristin Roach I am so happy to be here with all of you for the next two weeks. Guest writing for CRAFT is such an honor! Thank you so much to Natalie and all the wonderful CRAFT team for having me. I am so excited about the next two weeks […]

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