two bit circus

This Week in Making: ChickTech Meetup, Dark Souls Props, and Robotic Arms

This Week in Making saw the reveal of the Two Bit Circus Foundation, hand-made Dark Souls rings, some new crowd funding campaigns, and more.

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Two Bit Circus Built a Bartending Robot That Actually Slings Drinks

Los Angeles-based entertainment makers Two Bit Circus created a robot bartender for their annual Anti-Gala fundraiser this past November.

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Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari, on Why He Makes

Bushnell and family are the subject of the latest WhyIMake video; it’s an enlightening peek into the dynamics and mindset that keeps this icon moving.

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The Dunk Tank Goes Extreme with This Fire-Spewing Chamber

Instead of dropping them in a tank of water, this crazy creation puts a person inside a chamber full of fire.

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